An Active Shooter Program:Be Prepared, Save a Life.

Although many public facilities, organizations and businesses haven't experienced this type of emergency situation, lessons can be learned from past & recent active shooter situations. Are there warning signs? It's important to know and follow a safe action plan in the event of an active shooter situation. Topics include: being aware, having an evacuation route, when to "Run-Hide-Fight", what to expect when law enforcement arrives, methods of identifying those missing, notifying families and grief counseling.
Audience: Human Resource Departments, Business & Industry, Schools, Public & Private Institutions.
Format: DVD
Length: 15 min.
Price: $199.00 (Multiple copy discounts are available. Call us for details.)

Distracted Driving, At What Cost?

In the United States, a reported 50% of all driving accidents are caused by distractions. Some motor vehicle accidents are minor. Others accidents are major involving enormous repair bills, heightened insurance rates, physical or emotional injury, even fatality.The good news is many driving accidents can be prevented. Produced by Aurora Pictures, this emotionally charged program is packed with accident prevention & safety tips. Along with an interview of an accident victum, the goal is to raise safety awareness.  Be responsible while operating a motor vehicle. It's a safe driving practice for all ages, genders, and ethnic groups. 

Audience: Employee Health Safety+Wellness Programs, Driving Schools, Middle and High School Driver Education Class, Business/Industry Occupational Health & Driving Programs.

Length: 15 min.

Date Produced: 2009

Format: DVD

Cost: $395.00 (CA, add sales tax)

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How To Loose Weight Watching TV" (A Wellness Program)

Wellness can be achieved by anyone at any age. This motivational program will stimulate viewers toward a healthy lifestyle. Based on the American Heart Association recommendations, topics include: shopping and cooking of healthy foods, motivation and relaxation techniques, simplifying food intake and portion size plus a variety of indoor/outdoor exercises. A perfect compliment to help reinforce a healthy lifetyle for Teenage through Adult.

No Previews Available. Free Computer Download Authorization Form with Purchase.

Audience: Patient /Public Education, Eating Disorder Programs, Home Care Providers, Employee Wellness Programs

Length: 12 min.

Date Produced: 2010

Format: DVD

Cost $39.00 (CA, add sales tax)

Home Safe: An Infection Control Program for Home Care

Every day, patients who may have been hospitalized for long periods are now being treated as outpatients. Home Safe will assist patients and caregivers with coping skills, medication management, healing and recovery process. Home Care responsibilities include keeping the patient safe by helping prevent infections. Topics include: Kitchen and bathroom cleaning techniques, disposing techniques, handling of laundry, proper diet, pet care and more!

No Previews Available.

Audience: Patient Education, Home Care Providers, Wellness Programs

Length: 20 Min.

Date Produced 2007

Format: DVD

Cost: $49.00 (CA, add sales tax)

Audience: Patient/Family Education Programs, Home Care Providers.

 Take Control, Prevent S.T.D.'s

Sexually transmitted diseases can be prevented, especially within the teenage population. This highly contemporary program provides viewers with knowledge on relationship choices, communication  skills,  the  importance and use of condoms and how to say "no". 

No Preview Available.

Audience: Patient & Family Education, School Health Class, Sex Education Class, Community Outreach Programs.

Length: 35 min.

Date Produced: 2007

Format: DVD

Price: $150.00 (CA, add sales tax)

Patient/Community Education Programs

         An "Active Shooter Program", Be Prepared, Be Safe! Available for purchase consideration.                                              For more info, visit the health and safety programs page.