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Occupational Health & Safety


An Active Shooter Program:  Be Prepared, Save a life!
Although many facilities, organizations and businesses haven't experienced this type of emergency situation, lessons can be learned from past & recent active shooter situations. Are there warning signs? It's important to know and follow your safe action plan in the event of an active shooter situation.

Topics include: being aware, having an evacuation route, when to "Run-Hide-Fight", what to expect when law enforcement arrives, methods of identifying those missing, notifying families and grief counseling. 
Audience: All Hospital Departments, Business & Industry, Schools, Public & Private Institutions.
Length: 15 min.
Date Produced: 2016
Format: DVD
Special Price: $199.00 (CA, add sales tax)

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Destractive Driving; At What Cost?

This  excellent accident prevention program will raise safe driving awareness. Using real life scenarios, examples shown include how, when and why distractions occur. This very personal program hits home -without finger pointing- to everyone that drives. Topics include personal interviews with drivers sharing their life changing experience after their accident. Be sure there are no distractions while viewing this video. It's powerful and clear message has the ability to save a life.

Audience: Human Resources Dept. In-service training, new employee orientation programs. Excellent for employees driving- commuting to and from work. Government workers, all levels and shifts of employers and employees, schools, business and industry &  delivery drivers. All occupational health and safety education programs.

Length:16 min.

Date Produced:2014

Format: DVD

Price: $395.00 (CA.,add sales tax)

Wellness Program;  Watching TV

Based on the American Heart Association guidelines, this motivational program educates viewers how to achieve good health and wellness. Having the freedom of choice, viewers can pick from a variety of suggestions offered to improve their own health.

Topics include food choices, cooking tips, stress therapies, exercises (even while sitting watching TV!) Benefits include: improved productivity & communication skills, improved attitude and relationships with co-workers, clients and customers. As a motivating tool, this program's designed to ignite the road to employee wellness.

Audience:Business and Industry employees/employers. Private and public businesses promoting health and wellness.

Length:14 min.

Date Produced:  March 2013

Format: DVD

Price: $199.00  (CA., add sales tax)

*Call for quotes on discount pricing.